Laundry Service at Sun Alterations & Dry Cleaners LLC

Washing your clothes is time consuming and a hassle, but it doesn't have to be. At Sun Alterations & Dry Cleaners LLC, our goal is to make it as easy and comfortable as possible. Our facility is not only maintained but it also has air conditioning and plenty of seating.

If you are in need of any laundry services, we are the company for you. We provide a quick and efficient laundry service for your convenience. So, whatever your dry cleaning and laundry needs are, we have got you covered. We offer an affordable solution to your laundry service needs. Only using quality soaps to ensure the color of your clothes remain vibrant and long lasting, our friendly staff is always happy to assist you.

Come visit our dry cleaning store today! We offer dry cleaning, clothing alteration service and tailoring services. If you’re seeking high quality laundry service and dry cleaning facility in Merrick, NY contact us at Sun Alterations & Dry Cleaners LLC today.



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